Movement Art

BodyEarthThe Rite for Reconsecrating Our Womanhood is a dynamic sequence of belly-energizing exercises draws from yoga and related healing arts. It expands on The Gutsy Women’s Workout featured in The Woman’s Belly Book.

Moving through these gestures, you activate the Source Energy concentrated in your body’s core. At the same time, you animate ancient symbols of the Sacred Feminine.

The excerpt from The Honoring Your Belly DVD you’ll see below begins with a portion of the poem The Gate of the Mysterious Female. It continues with four women practicing the 10-minute rite.

The full DVD provides instruction on each of the rite’s 23 belly-energizing gestures. Bonus features include a guided meditation, a guided full-body relaxation, and the presentation of the poem Naming Ourselves Sacred. The DVD is available for order here.

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